English poems

The house with the blue chimney

It looks quite ordinary from outside
Not a shiny place, but sure all right.
Just in front of a green-blue changing lake
Come in, for a cup of tea and some cake.

Behind us the mountains high
Often a steel-gray cloudy sky
But inside it’s warm and cosy
Not exactly a glamorous bed of roses.

And yet you can see we’ve built a home here
Full of laughter, joy and fun, sometimes a tear.

In the evening the lights go out very late
The kids fast asleep, only in bed good mates
Mom and dad calm down after a day’s race
Enjoying night’s inviting, soft embrace.

So do step in, my friend, be just yourself
You’re welcome, whenever you ring the bell.
But remember, we are a breed apart
Trying to live with an open heart.



Out we went for a walk
The air was brisk, my heart overflowing
Your eyes bright, your cheeks glowing
To run, play, and have a little talk.

Oh precious moments so fast to vanish
Laughter floating in the air
Life’s an adventure, not a load to bear
Make it full of memories to cherish.

I suddenly knew, to grow you have to dare
Sometimes to stumble,
To get up, learn again to wonder
And most of all
Really care.


My love

I sit in front of you
Watching you,
Think of you, our world,
how far we’ve gone.
How many things we’ve done,
what’s yet to come.

I’ve known you for such a long time
Met you, hurt you, now you’re mine.
Together we’re like a fine wine
Getting better and better
as the years go by.



What if I hadn’t met those people
that particular year?
What if I hadn’t gotten that job
Would I still be asking for my
share of the cake?

What if I hadn’t taken the train
that particular evening?
What if I had turned left on that road
Would I still be alive?

What if I hadn’t gone to the movies
that particular night?
What if you had never come my way
Would I still be looking for the
right answers today?


Good morning sunshine

I feel in harmony with everything
Don’t sleep, let’s listen to the rain
My whole body seems to sing
I long to start all over again
My friend, companion, man.

My skin remembers every caress
I drank your kisses, with joy I sighed
There was nothing but passion, tenderness
Your warm hands I did not fight
Your urge, your embrace
As we lay near, face to face.

What most playful game this is
You make me shiver deep inside
In your loving arms I feel at peace
Finally, I ceased to hide.


Say no

It takes a lifetime to know
Years to let your feelings flow.
Many sleepless nights to make them show
Hours to decide which way to go
One moment to say no.


Thank you

Thank you for touching a chord within
For evoking those long forgotten phantasies
For nurishing a soul choked by rationality
And heavy layers of routine.

Through the lines our stories we told
Past and present, with a set life in between
That made the bridge towards tomorrow crumble
As reality wedged in.

Thank you for letting me catch a glimpse
Of your secret garden bright with colours
And somber patches of grief
where passion might have grown too deep.

So I will think of you gratefully,
for you made me recall the girl there once was,
the woman I wished to be,
no one will ever see.


Once too much

There’s always one lie too much
that changes love into cold contempt.

One angry scolding look too much
that breaks a child’s fragile heart.

One unfulfilled promise too much
that turns trust into a meaningless word.

But there’s never enough honesty
kindness and thoughtfulness
to brighten up this place for you and me.


Not his fault

It’s not his fault
that you had to quit a promising career.

It’s not his fault
that your man doesn’t treat you as a peer.

It’s not his fault
that your body isn’t that shapely anymore.

It’s not his fault
that you’re swamped with daily chores.

It’s not his fault
that you seem to be missing out
on all those dazzling opportunities.

It’s not his fault
if you feel betrayed,
caged, lacking vitality.

It’s not his fault
he just happens to be your child.

Don’t blame him for being alive.


Next time around

Now and then I wish I had a second chance
A device I would invent to go back in time
To rephrase the plot and set things right.

Sometimes I wish I knew the end of the story
I could avoid the bad and choose for the better
I’d travel unafraid through calm and stormy wheather.

But even if I had seven lives I’d still be the same myself
Always searching for the lost key, never to be found
So I guess the tale wouldn’t be any different
Next time around.


Now you are here

A child is born, a dream come true
How long have I waited for you
You are so helpless, you need me so
But someday, only too soon, you’ll go.

Till then I promise I’ll be good to you
At least I’ll try, and make mistakes, too.
But then I’m only a mother and guide, a friend
In time your tears will dry, your bruises mend.

What will you become, my sunshine,
will you drink of life’s sweet wine?
What’s in store for you? Sorrow, struggles? What will you gain?
Trophies? I hope they are worth the pain.
I wish you love, friendship, your cup of success.
But now, you’re just my cute litte gorgeous
wonderful marvellous, all
my happiness.


A gray day

I look from my window, through the pane
There’s only clouds, all is gray
I wish I could lift that fog, make it rain
Or tease the sun to come this way.

The raindrops would wash away
These sad thoughts heavy as stone
Why do I feel like a stranger in my home
A bird without wings, where did I fail?

I know it must all come from within
But just now, there’s only emptiness
Why should I deny my feelings, it’s no sin
Or should I smile with my usual gentleness?


Making up

I hear the noise from the street
I guess it’s time I get on my feet
Softly the radio is playing along
Smiling I listen to the song.

The world is all dressed in white
I look from the window, what a sight
I smell the coffee from downstairs
as I linger by the mirror, combing my hair.

The house is awakening, a new day begins
You’re already up, the phone starts to ring
I slip into my clothes, think about last night
what a silly quarrel, why did we have to fight.

I thought I’d pretend to be tough
Then I see your face, you make me laugh
It just feels better than to hold a grudge
’cause I love you far too much.


Time out (Italian mamma)

Today the kid isn’t here with me
How I need this, at times
Some hours alone, fancy-free
I felt I had to write some lines.

Soon I’ll go to fetch my baby son
You won’t believe this, but it’s true
How cute you look in your hat, hon
Strange, but I’ve been missing you.

Have you had a great time?
Have you laughed, cried, been sad?
Now I’m here, everything is fine.
Let’s go back home, little lad.

Say, what have you done these hours
I’m kind of jealous of them, you see
Memories that are not ours.
I always want you close to me.


My son

Your first smile, your first step
Things we won’t forget
Your red bike, that tiny scar
Your toys scattered throughout the hall.

My love is for free, no strings attached
For you and I are a natural match.
But later on you’ll learn
The rest must all be earned.
To live with pride, on your own
Hold on to your dreams when you’ll be grown.

Go for your place in the world
Don’t yell to be heard.
Sharp eyes, the innocence of youth
Fine ears to hear the hidden truth
An honest heart to tell right from wrong
Legs to run and fists to fight, stand strong.


Baby Time

Last night you cried out for me
but I was tired and put you back to sleep.

Today you wanted me to play with you
but I was in a hurry
and ignored your eager hands.

Yesterday you were babbling along
but I had to fix dinner
and didn’t answer your joyful call.

A minute ago you were desperate
for a reassuring hug
and again there were things
more important than you.

Too often I didn’t have time
Will you ever understand?

One day you’ll bee too busy
to stop by to say hello.

Will I understand?



Why is it we appreciate it all when it’s gone
and regret it the moment harm is done?

Why has there to be badness to remind us of good things
and anguish, distress to make us hear a lonely bird sing?

Why are feelings not enough to live by
and dreams so easily put aside?

Why can’t we learn if not through pain
and doing the same mistakes over and over again?

Why won’t you see happiness when it’s there
and open up to a world asking to be shared ?


Special you

There may be better cooks than you
but your first try at chocolate mousse
outshone a dessert à la Bocuse.

You may not be what they call a romantic Romeo
but those wild flowers you stole for me I wouldn’t trade
for the most vibrating serenade.

There may be more elaborate ways to say I’m on your mind
but that four letter word drawn in the sand
means more to me than any flaming poem by Verlaine.


When all is said

You must look closely
To see the hurt in her limpid eyes
You’ve got to listen carefully
To hear the unshed tears in her smile
Don’t turn away while there’s a chance
To read the truth in those wornout lies.

And though there’s only a vague memory
Of hopes and plans once shared
Strangers after years spent side by side
Together you set out, passionately
On this jerky road through life.

Is it really over, is your heart so blind
Are your senses too numb to feel her pain?
Were all words spoken uselessly
To ears gone deaf in time?